We search the U.K. to find the best recruitment events / job fairs to attend. What you find on our website is what we recommend you attend to find a job and speak with employers face-to-face.

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What to expect at a Jobs Fair

Local Companies

You can expect to see anywhere from 20 - 50 local companies at a Jobs Fair. All recruiting for local candidates!

Career Advice

At most Job Fairs you can expect to see your local National Careers Service, Prospects or Futures Advice - They regularly attend Job Fair events to help you reach your career goals.


You can expect to see a variety of companies attending the Jobs Fair, all recruiting for various different roles.

Age Ranges

You can expect to see plenty of candidates from school leavers to experienced professionals. Everyone is welcome to attend a Jobs Fair.

They’re Free

We only ever list free-to-attend Job Fairs on our website.

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Don’t just take our word for it,
see what other people say.

“Great day at the Ipswich Jobs Fair, spoke with 22 employees and I have lined up 2 interviews for next week!”

(Ipswich 10/10/2018)

“Didn’t think much to the recruitment event when I walked in, I was looking for an apprenticeship. The event staff pointed me to the local college’s stand and I have now signed up to an apprenticeship I wanted to do.”

(Derby 01/06/2018)

“Really happy at today’s event. National Career service looked over my CV and improved it. I think I spoke with around 30 companies and have a lot of information to go through! Hopefully I will be in work soon.”

(Reading 03/10/2018)